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This Womens Running Cover Star Wont Let Epilepsy Or Autism Stop Her

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ThisWomens Runningcover star wont let a little thing like epileptic seizures get in the way of her goals.

Autism doesnt stop our Cover Runner Contest winner Kiley. Behind the scenes of her cover. https://t.co/evWgb8x7q1 http://pic.twitter.com/XVw141THF5

Womens Running (@WomensRunning) December 1, 2015

Kiley Lyall, age 24, was one of 4,000 entrants tothe magazines third annual Cover Runner Contest, where women applied to befeatured on the magazines January/February 2016cover. In her entry submission, she explained that shejust happens to live with moderate autism and life-threatening seizures related to epilepsy, as well as mild cerebral palsy.

Running has literally helped my brain become healthier, Lyall explained in her competition entry. My autism doesnt take over my days anymorewhen I run it relieves so much stress on my brain, allowing me to function much better through most days!

Womens Running editor-in-chief Jessie Sebor said here that she was moved by Lyallstoughness. During her first half-marathon, Lyall had two seizuresand insisted on finishing the race anyway.

Were so passionate about this cover and the opportunity to share Kileys story of determination, she saidin an article about the cover. Our readers know that a love of running steams from many different places and sentiments. We want to support all women on their running journey.

Congratulations, Kiley!


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