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10 online and app-based training programs

Below is a terrific write-up I found online. I truly take pleasure in reading this kind of stuff. I’m rather big right into health and fitness as well as health and wellness and this kind of stuff makes me extremely encouraged and also motivated. It does not matter if a book declares or negative, you have to take it all as inspiration making you far better or live life more completely. So reviewed with this post, and let us recognize exactly what you assume in the comments below.

Whether you do best with a real-life traininer to keep you accountable, learn best from demos or written instructions or prioritise tracking tools, here are 10 pocket gyms to suit those who don’t have access to a gym.


HIT: Devised by a qualified trainer, the customised programs on this free site answer goals such as weight loss, strength conditioning and general fitness. The fitness library contains more than 200 exercises complete with video demonstrations, iPod-ready instructions and printer-friendly versions perfect for lunchtime sessions. The sites user guide makes it a doddle to use the extensive functions.

MISS: If you tend to be derailed or struggle to stay motivated, consider a real-life trainer as the lack of personal ongoing support puts the onus on users.

COST: Free


HIT: More an online toolkit brimming with health and fitness tools than a program per se, is ideal for returning exercisers or those who have some experience in training. Built around a thriving community of highly active, supportive users, it has a sorority vibe. You can rest assured youre not the only one asking the questions you do or struggling with an issue.

MISS: If you need practical advice or lack foundational fitness knowledge, consider a website that offers prescriptive plans.

COST: Free


HIT: With a whopping 5,000 exercises able to be matched to users expertise, equipment, interests and goals, offers two payment packages with perks such as a personal trainer, ongoing customisation and regularly updated workouts.

MISS: Expensive compared to other featured websites but still far cheaper than most gyms.

COST: Made Just For You 4 months/$99; Self-directed 4 months/$59


HIT: The rebranded version of Fast Track to Weight Loss is expressly geared to toning and fat loss with a focus on efficiency. Perks include workout videos from fitness experts and live weekly chats with trainers. The personalised fitness plans are flexible, allowing for modifications to suit respective needs. However, it also provides sufficient structure to stop you from wimping out or falling into bad habits. Sign up for one of the regular challenges hosted by the website to keep you inspired and responsible for achieving your targets. And if you need that extra push, FITera also offers a paid coaching program that is virtually unrivalled in the online fitness community. The benefit of a global online community is hard to beat.

MISS: If you are looking for an advanced strength routine for sports/strength training, FITeras focus on fat loss and toning may prove limiting.

COST: Free or add ACE Coaching and Accountability 1 month/$97


HIT: Based on a mission to democratise healthy living, this website seeks to make health and fitness resources ultra-accessible. For newcomers, information on fitness equipment is ideal for setting up a low-key home (or car boot) gym. BYO organisation and discipline. ABC can be a successful motivator.

MISS: The ant-size micro text and confusing navigation. If you need to be told what to do or easily lose motivation, the onus on proactivity and self-motivation might fall flat.

COST: Free


HIT: Ideal for those looking to strengthen or add muscle, this results-oriented site hangs its hat on detailed weights advice. This just the facts approach is ideal if youre a go-getter whos always on the move and needs basic information in an easy-to-understand format. Theres also a focus on nutrition here, with a dietary plan designed just for you based on personal stats and a 40,000+ food database to pull from.

MISS: GymAmerica substitutes software for a real trainer and while its state-of-the-art, it lacks peripheral attributes such as empathy and genuine encouragement.

COST: $38.97/3 months


HIT: With the word free listed upfront, Free Trainers is proud of its complimentary fitness service that has helped provide plans for nearly two million users. All plans are fully customisable, which means youre always satisfied, if not a little less motivated at times. The community element is a big reason why fans keep coming back to Free Trainers, with the site format replicating a social media network that allows users to search for fellow members by name and email. The detailed questionnaire on sign-up gauges your current fitness level, preferences and goals, and is even smart enough to incorporate particulars such as injury rehab.

MISS: Naturally the non-existent price tag means a lack of human interaction from a qualified PT; however, website staff and fellow users this article are happy and available to offer general support if youre able to wait for a response.

COST: Free


HIT: DailyBurns fitness library offers over 100 workouts with a focus on cardio, health and weight training to suit multiple goals. These workouts are each state-of-the-art and ideal for someone who needs to constantly change it up to avoid losing interest. While taking into account your ideal body type, time for exercise and skill level, the website targets programs that suit you. Theres also a great range of tracking tools for keeping up with your progress, plus an incredible food database of over 67,000 items. And if you dont like it, there are no problems thanks to the free 30-day trial!

MISS: On the surface theres very little info about what the site offers, which doesnt do its features justice. The free trial allows you to see this in action, however, with a generous 30 days for you to get a true sense of whats on offer.

COST: $32.50/3 months


HIT: A website purely dedicated to MP3-matched workouts to take to work or on vay-cay, it comprises exercises sorted by interests and goals, so one day you can focus on weight loss and dance and the next, flexibility. If your ideal workout involves hitting the park with your headphones and hill sprinting like nobodys watching, youll enjoy this.

MISS: If you frequently purchase one-off downloads, it can get pricey. Consider a yearly subscription with unlimited downloads.

COST: Average $10 per download, or 1 year/$119.88 unlimited downloads


HIT: With 24-hour personalised support from your own trained PT based on a bespoke plan, this platform lets you substitute other exercises to progress your training and avert plateaus. The emphasis is on sustainable long-term results. Theres a foolproof nutrition plan with customised shopping list, meal plan, swap suggestions and even a guide to healthy fast food options. You can also have your plan tailored to food allergies. A bank of calculators and thriving community make this a great all-rounder.

MISS: Direct debiter beware: you will be billed even if you dont use the site, yet some people will use the potential money pit as motivation. Testimonials vouch for the sites appeal.

COST: 12 weeks/$29.95 or 12 months/$59.95

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