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1 Ridiculously Simple Stretch That Will Help Improve Your Posture

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If youre not careful, the daily grind can really take a toll on your posture. When 3 P.M. rolls around, youre usually typingaway at your work while hunched over your keyboard. Youmay be able to ignore thatshoulder stiffness for a while, but itll eventually become seriously uncomfortableand thats when you should get up and stretch it out.

Thankfully you can, and with absolutely no equipment. This one simple move fromJenn Seracuse, Director of FLEX Pilates,is easy to do nearly anywhereeven in your officeand intended to improve posture. We sit with our arms reaching forward at computers, and were always texting, she tells SELF, and this stretch should helpcounteract that. It will open up your chest and alleviate some of that tightness that comes with the mostly sedentary lives we lead, she explains.

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But thats not all: Though most posture stretches focus onopening the chest and shoulders, this move also gives some much-needed loveto your hip flexors. Tight hips affect posture because they pull the pelvis out of alignment and create a forward tilt in the hips, says Seracuse. Since the bones of the spine are all connected, when one part is out of place it creates a chain reaction, sending the rest of the bones out of alignment to compensate. This move utilizes a lengthening technique that will open up your hips and help correct that imbalance.

Ready to get stretching? Check out the pose below and prepare to say hello to great posture.

Hip & Chest OpenerStart on one knee with your opposite foot planted in front of you. Make sure your legs are far enough apart that your back leg can be lengthened while your front knee remains http://ift.tt/MO9BjC stacked directly over your ankle, not pastit.Place your hands on your front knee and tuck your tailbone slightly to activate your glutes. Release the hip of your back legforward and down toward the floor.Clasp your hands behind your back and reach your arms down toward the back of your back knee, keeping your armsas straight as possible. Lift your heart to open your chest.Hold for 3 to 5 breaths. Repeat on oppositeside.

If you cant quite clasp your hands during the pose, says Seracuse, hold opposite elbows or use a towel instead.


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